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类型 扩展包
发行日期 / 补丁 2016-04-05 / 1.16
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我们的海(Mare Nostrum)是欧陆风云4的第八个DLC。它在2016年3月1日[1]官宣,并在同年4月5日[2]放出。它与1.16版本[3]同时。


  • 柏柏尔国家能够用海军劫掠海岸。
  • 间谍行动·盗取地图:以卑鄙小人的偷窃行为发现受害者在某个地区已经发现的所有省份。
  • 新的海军任务·寻猎:选定的舰队会在指定区域巡逻并攻击敌方舰队。
  • 新的海军任务·避战:选定的舰队会避开指定区域的敌方舰队。
  • 新的海军任务·封锁:选定的舰队会在指定区域封锁敌方的港口。
  • 新的海军任务·拦截:选定的舰队会在友方海岸线附近攻击正在卸载敌军部队的运输舰队。指定区域封锁敌方的港口。
  • 新的外交选项·无条件投降:敌人获得一份100战争分的合约,如果他们两个月之内不接受,那么呼吁和平的效果将会变成原来的二倍。
  • 对一个国家进行间谍行为时你将会获得对该国家额外的围城能力以及他对你的ae获取减少。
  • 三个新的间谍行动:诽谤商人团,5年内减少目标国家的贸易力量;破坏征兵,5年内减少目标国家水手和人力的补充速度;腐化官员,增加目标国家的腐败度。
  • 海军任务·猎杀海盗(dlc黄金国也可解锁)。
  • 新的海军指令面板:通过对一系列参数的设定,决定你的舰队在执行海军任务时面对不同状况的行为。
  • 外交行动·出租遣外雇佣兵团:你现在可以向他国出租自己的常备军作为雇佣兵团并获取和战争贡献成比例的收入。
  • 占领沿海省份现在可以自动获取水手。
  • “回港修理”现被替换成“脱离舰队并修理”,舰队中受损的舰船会入港修理,并在完全修复后重新加入原来的舰队。
  • 外交官行动·反间谍行动:现在可以派遣外交官对某国进行反间谍行动,为发现敌国制造间谍网增加100%的可能性。
  • 允许船只在补给范围内更换海军将领。
  • 鼓励重商主义:花费外交点数来提升本国的重商主义。
  • 增加了时间线模式,观察整场游戏内世界的变化变得更加方便。
  • 贸易联盟的领袖可以释放自己的一个省份作为贸易城市,被释放的贸易城市是贸易市政府形态并会自动加入释放者的贸易联盟。(在 patch 1.18版本中更新)


  • Majorly reworked Espionage. Instead of sending diplomats to carry out sustained spy actions, there is now a new 'Create Spy Network' sustained action, where your diplomat covertly builds up a spy network in another country. Spy networks are size 0-100, and espionage actions other than Build Spy Network are now instant actions that cost a certain amount of spy network points when used but are guaranteed to succeed (for example, Sow Discontent applies the Discontent Sown modifier to the target country for 5 years). Spy Offense modifier was changed to Spy Network Construction and determines the speed at which networks are built, while Spy Defense determines the chance of detecting when another country is building a spy network in your country and disrupting their efforts.
  • 现在就算附庸和他的未拥有核心省份不相邻,你也能将该省份给他了。
  • Added a Loot Mapmode.
  • Study Technology is no longer an action but a discount to technology cost gained from having a spy network in another country with more advanced technology. Size of spy network and how many techs they are ahead of you determines the size of the discount, with only the largest discount for each category used (so if you get 20% land tech discount from one country and 15% from another, your actual discount is 20%).
  • Naval Combat: There is now a chance of capturing ships that would otherwise be sunk, based on Admiral Maneuver skill. (This is in addition to ships with low morale captured after the battle.)
  • 海战:现在损失一艘船就会让整个船队的士气降低。
  • Naval Combat: The Positioning concept is removed.
  • Naval Combat: Introduced "Engagement Width", which is the number of ships that can engage the enemy each turn. This is modified by leader maneuver skill and local/global modifiers.
  • New mapmode: States and Territories.
  • Added the historical_neutral tag which makes countries less likely to become friends or enemies.
  • 殖民贸易公司省份不再改变该省份的宗教和文化
  • Admirals now have siege ability which increases blockade efficiency by 10% per point.
  • Merchant marine now gives +50% Sailors & Press Gangs now give +20% Sailor Recovery.
  • Added mechanics for Sailors, given from development in ports. Sailors are used when building ships and repairing them.
  • Added continue button to end game screen to allow you to go beyond the supported end date if not playing ironman.
  • The degree to which a trade node is monopolized (as determined by the greatest power share) now adds up to 100% to the privateer power modifier.
  • Province tooltips now show more information regarding blockading fleets.
  • Blockades are now indicated on the map with special border graphics.
  • Implemented a new system called "States & Territories", where states gives most benefits of being non-overseas, while territories have autonomy and is considered to be overseas for many rules.
  • Added Corruption, which is impacted by being behind in tech, being a big nation, and can be combated by investment in the budget. Corruption impact minimum autonomy in a country, its ability to do espionage and all power costs.
  • Added "corrupt" cheat to set the level of corruption.