The Idea Variation

The Idea Variation
类型 原版内容改动
作者 flogi
版本 3.3.0 (2019.01.13) for EUIV v1.28.x
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Idea Variation Wiki

The Idea Variation is a mod that adds tons of new idea groups, policies, buildings, and an overhauled government reform system. It has reached the status where it can be considered a total conversion mod. It is still designed to maintain compatibility where it is possible though.

There are compatibility patches for some other big mods like Extended Timeline or Shattered Europa.


Traditions.pngIdea groups Policies.pngPolicies Buildings.pngBuildings Possible advisors.pngAdvisors

Administrative power.pngAdministrative Idea groups

Economic Ideas

Economic Ideas are still what they used to be. Good to boost up your economy, interest, build and development bonuses.

Economic idea group.png Economic Ideas
National tax modifier.png Bureaucracy
+10% National tax modifier

Construction cost.png Organized Construction

-10% Build cost
-25% Construction time

Inflation reduction.png National Bank

+0,1 Yearly inflation reduction

Interest per annum.png Debt and Loans

-1 Interest per annum

Autonomy.png Centralization

-5% Monthly autonomy change

Land maintenance modifier.png Nationalistic Enthusiasm

-10% Land maintenance modifier

Production efficiency.png Smithian Economics

+10% Production efficiency

Development cost.png Bonus:

-20% Development cost

Innovative Ideas

Innovative Ideas have gained some very strong abilities. Tech and Advisor costs were raised significantly and there's a fix global institution spread bonus in the first idea group making it an excellent first choice for nations that struggle to get the first institutions.

Innovative idea group.png Innovative Ideas
Prestige decay.png Patron of the Arts
-1% Prestige decay
+0,1 Institution growth

Mercenary cost.png Pragmatism

-25% Mercenary cost

Free policies.png Scientific Revolution

+1 Free policies

Possible advisors.png Dynamic Court

+1 Possible advisors

Reduce inflation cost.png Resilient State

-25% Reduce inflation cost

War exhaustion.png Optimism

-5% Monthly war exhaustion

Leader(s) without upkeep.png Formalized Officer Corps

+1 Leader(s) without upkeep

Advisor cost.png Bonus:

-33% Advisor costs

Expansion Ideas

Expansion Ideas are buffed as well. They are rather weak in vanilla, so they gain core creation, more states, manpower and a reduced cost for war taxes while keeping most of their useful vanilla perks. This group is a very nice choice for colonizers now without falling too far behind in military might, providing some military policies as well as a good combination of colonial ones.

Expansion idea group.png Expansion Ideas
Colonists.png Additional Colonists
+1 Colonists

Cb on overseas.png Oversea Wars

Casus belli.png Casus belli on overseas

Global settler increase.png Faster Colonists

+20 Colonial growth

National manpower modifier.png Organized Recruitment

+10% National manpower modifier

Core-creation cost.png Mass Integration

-15% Core-creation cost

Number of states.png Colonial Brothers

+7 Number of states

Harsh treatment cost.png Colonial Suppression

-75% Harsh Treatment Cost

Merchants.png Bonus:

+1 Merchants
+20% Global trade power

Humanist Ideas

Humanist Ideas have gained nice perks from the vanilla idea group. They now offer a unique decision allowing the player (and the AI) to hire an advisor with reduced cost (level 2 or 3) with a trait of his choosing. This can be done every three years, but will raise advisor cost for this time globally. Additionally Humanism Idea gained a possible triggered modifier that adds 7.5 land morale when one has accepted 5 different cultures. Last but not least there's also a small decline in corruption. All around humanist ideas are an excellent choice for countries with many different cultures and a low income. The free choice of advisors depending on what you currently need is quite powerful.

Humanist idea group.png Humanist Ideas
Religious unity.png Tolerance
+25% Religious unity
Decision.png Hire an Advisor

National unrest.png Local Traditions

-2 National unrest

Tolerance heretic.png Ecumenism

+3 Tolerance of heretics

Years of separatism.png Indirect Rule

-10 Years of separatism

Max promoted cultures.png Cultural Ties

+2 Max promoted cultures
yes Morale bonus 5 cultures

Improve relations.png Benevolence

+15% Improve relations

Tolerance heathen.png Humanist Tolerance

+3 Tolerance of heathens

Idea cost.png Bonus:

-7,5% Idea cost
+25% Yearly harmony increase

Development Ideas

Development Ideas might appear, at first glance, like a weaker version of Economic Ideas, which is kind of true if it were not for the Improve Development decision enabled by this idea group. This decision will allow anyone that can pay the money scaling depending on your total development and your yearly income, to improve development essentially by paying money, in random stated provinces.

Development idea group.png Development Ideas
Development cost.png State Investments
-5% Development cost
Decision.png Improve Development

Production efficiency.png National Standards

+5% Production efficiency

National tax modifier.png Tax Efficiency

+5% National tax modifier

Trade efficiency.png Trade Efficiency

+5% Trade efficiency

Autonomy.png Bureaucracy Buildup

-5% Monthly autonomy change

Construction cost.png Organized Construction

-15% Build cost

Inflation reduction.png Monetary Policy

+0,05 Yearly inflation reduction

Development cost.png Bonus:

-10% Development cost

Administrative Ideas

Administrative Ideas gained a small buff from the vanilla idea group, now providing more manpower and reduced mercenary maintenance. They are an amazing choice still for people wanting to core much and wage war here and there.

Administrative idea group.png Administrative Ideas
Mercenary cost.png Organized Mercenary Payments
-25% Mercenary cost

Core-creation cost.png Adaptability

-25% Core-creation cost

Mercenary maintenance.png Benefits for Mercenaries

-25% Mercenary maintenance

Interest per annum.png Bookkeeping

-1 Interest per annum

Mercenary manpower.png Mercenary Recruitment

+50% Available mercenaries

Possible advisors.png Administrative Efficiency

+2 Possible advisors

Administrative technology cost.png Civil Service

-10% Administrative technology cost

Number of states.png Bonus:

+5 Number of states

Jurisprudence Ideas

This idea group is pretty amazing. It is pretty good in nearly every aspect of administrative bonuses. Reduced corruption, lower admin tech cost idea and core cost to just name a few. Some diplomatic bonuses are also in it and for republics there's republican tradition in it. I've seen many people in multiplayer taking this for very different reasons, making it one of the best allround idea groups in the mod.

Jurisprudence idea group.png Jurisprudence Ideas
Administrative technology cost.png Collection of Laws
-5% Administrative technology cost
+1 Republican tradition

Yearly corruption.png Ministry of Justice

-0,1 Yearly corruption

Idea cost.png Lawyer Tradition

-7,5% Idea cost
+10% Imperial authority growth modifier

Trade efficiency.png Business Law

+10% Trade efficiency

Interest per annum.png Anti Usury Laws

-1 Interest per annum

Core-creation cost.png Public International Law

-10% Core-creation cost
-10% Diplomatic annexation cost

Tolerance heathen.png Minority Rights

+1 Tolerance of heathens
+1 Tolerance of heretics
+10% Hostile core-creation cost on us

Aggressive expansion impact.png Bonus:

-20% Aggressive expansion impact

Health Ideas

Health Ideas are a bit of a military idea group in the admin section. There are manpower bonuses combined with siege ability and defensiveness. Some economic bonuses round this group up to be just good for nations that want a little extra power in their admin idea group.

Health idea group.png Health Ideas
Production efficiency.png Longer Working Hours
+10% Production efficiency

Fort defense.png Decreased Danger of Epidemic

+10% Fort defense

National manpower modifier.png Improved Lifespan

+10% National manpower modifier

Siege ability.png Sturdiness

+10% Siege ability

Manpower recovery speed.png Decreased Infant Death

+15% Manpower recovery speed

Idea cost.png Medicine Technology

-7,5% Idea cost

National tax modifier.png Public Hospitals

+10% National tax modifier

National unrest.png Bonus:

-2 National unrest

Special Administrative Ideas: Centralisation & Decentralisation

Centralism Ideas

The special thing about centralism ideas is that it is the idea choice for playing tall. Reduced construction time is quite special, so you will get your manufactories even faster but the real deal in this group is the mins 20% development cost reduction for provinces over 25 development. You'll find it a lot easier to really build up your provinces and have them produce really well for you. The goods produced modifier should be mentioned there. The slightly reduced number of states is compensated with -50% of state maintenance. This idea group cannot be picked when you have decentralism Ideas picked.

Centralism idea group.png Centralism Ideas*
Construction time.png Minister of Construction
-50% Construction time

Goods produced modifier.png Central Production

+10% Goods produced modifier

Development cost.png Metropolis Development

-2,5% Development cost
yes development_cost_over_25

Autonomy change cooldown.png Autonomy Reduction

-50% Autonomy change cooldown

Manpower.png Central Recruiting

+2500 National manpower
+1250 National sailors modifier
+2,5 add_age_manpower
+1250 add_age_sailors

State maintenance.png Central Administration

-50% State maintenance
-5 Number of states

National tax modifier.png Central Tax Administration

+10% National tax modifier

Fort defense.png Bonus:

+10% Fort defense

Decentralism Ideas

A large empire needs maintenance. You need to build a lot; you need your institutions to spread fast. You need more states. All of this is provided by decentralism ideas, well designed for a big empire. You cannot pick this idea group when you already picked centralism ideas.

Construction cost.png General Expansion
-10% Build cost
yes Reduced dev malus

Yearly corruption.png Decentralized Administration

-0,1 Yearly corruption

Trade efficiency.png Different Centers of Trade

+10% Trade efficiency

Idea cost.png Cultural Centers

-7,5% Idea cost
+0,15 Institution spread

Number of states.png Great State

+7 Number of states

National manpower modifier.png Timid Population Growth

+10% National manpower modifier
+10% Sailors Modifier

Provincial trade power modifier.png Local Trade

+20% Provincial trade power modifier

Development cost.png Bonus:

-10% Development cost

Special Administrative Ideas: Government

In Idea Variation every government group has its own idea group. Those idea groups are changed by event if you happen to change your government type so points won't be wasted.

Monarchy Ideas

Monarchy ideas are pretty much the old aristocratic ideas improved with absolutism bonuses and cavalry to infantry ratio, also giving 20% manpower which is very good for an admin idea group. This group really does become powerful in the age of absolutism and might be a good choice for a midgame pick.

Monarchy idea group.png Monarchy Ideas
Legitimacy.png Noble Family Ties
+2 Legitimacy
Decision.png Find an heir for our dynasty
yes elective_monarchy_add_buff

Chance of new heir.png Dynastic Politics

+50% Chance of new heir

National unrest.png Local Nobility

-1 National unrest

Cavalry combat ability.png Noble Knights

+7,5% Cavalry combat ability

Absolutism.png Increase of Crown Authority

+1 Yearly absolutism

Aggressive expansion impact.png International Nobility

-10% Aggressive expansion impact

National manpower modifier.png Local Militia

+10% National manpower modifier
Subject interactions.png Conscript Militia

Cavalry to infantry ratio.png Bonus:

+10% Cavalry to infantry ratio

Republic Ideas

Republic ideas are the old plutocratic ideas. All that was changed there is the 10% morale that were nerfed down to 7, 5%. Still a great choice for republics. Especially providing some nice policy options. If you are a republic you'll consider this for sure.

Republican idea group.png Republican Ideas
Diplomatic relations.png Diplomatic Mission
+2 Diplomatic relations

Morale of armies.png Abolished Serfdom

+7,5% Morale of armies

National unrest.png Bill of Rights

-2 National unrest

Promote culture cost.png Free Subjects

-1 Promote culture cost

Republican tradition.png Republican Tradition

+1 Republican tradition
Subject interactions.png Paying court to the Burghers

Goods produced modifier.png Emancipation

+10% Goods produced modifier

Maximum absolutism.png Roman History

+20 Maximum absolutism

Manpower recovery speed.png Bonus:

+10% Manpower recovery speed

Dictatorship Ideas

Dictatorship ideas and the policy options provided are quite extreme. The bonuses provided are again a combination of military and administrative ones.

Dictatorship idea group.png Dictatorship Ideas
National tax modifier.png High Taxes
+10% National tax modifier

Production efficiency.png Enforcement of Production

+10% Production efficiency

Mercenary manpower.png Gang of Bullies

+25% Available mercenaries

Looting speed.png Loosely Morals

+0,5 Loot amount

Land force limit modifier.png Grand Army

+20% Land force limit modifier

Diplomatic annexation cost.png Forced Integration

-10% Diplomatic annexation cost
Decision.png Reform the country

Military technology cost.png Militarism

-5% Military technology cost

Mercenary discipline.png Bonus:

+5% Mercenary discipline

Horde Ideas

Horde ideas are pretty much what every horde likes. More unity, more monarch power from razing and extra power for your beloved horses. Faster looting more states and reduced liberty desire make this an idea pick for every horde.

Horde idea group.png Horde Ideas
Razing power gain.png Razing Parties
+25% Razing power gain

Cavalry cost.png Horse Breeding

-20% Cavalry cost

Longterm Memory

+0,25 Claim Duration

Cavalry combat ability.png Fighter Tradition

+7,5% Cavalry combat ability

Horde unity.png Clan Meetings

+1 Yearly horde unity

Number of states.png Horde Territory

+5 Number of states
yes Reduced dev malus

Liberty desire in subjects.png Tribute States

+5 Liberty desire in subjects

Diplomatic reputation.png Bonus:

+1 Diplomatic reputation

Aristocratic Ideas

No real changes here and only available for the government types that are not covered by the first 4.

Special Administrative Ideas: Religion

In idea variation nearly every religion at this point has its own idea group. The religions having their own group are catholic, protestant, reformed, orthodox, the Islamic religions, Tengri, Dharmic, Confucianism, Buddhism, Norse, Shinto, Cathar, Coptic, Romuva, Suomi, Jewish, Slav, Hellenism, Manichaeism, Animist, Fetishist and Zoroastrian. All religions not mentioned here still have the generic religious idea group. For the 3 idea groups involved in the reformation there are like the government events, events that change your idea group if you change your religion. However your idea group is only changed when you have reached 75% percent of religious unity.

Diplomatic power.pngDiplomatic Idea groups

Espionage Ideas

The espionage idea group has experienced some serious reworking. It is now compatible, offering some military and more useful diplomatic bonuses that before. Some fine policy option as well as the discipline has made this idea group one of the most picked diplomatic ideas in multiplayer from the one idea that is never picked.

Espionage idea group.png Espionage Ideas
Spy network construction.png Efficient Spies
+50% Network construction

Discipline.png Agent Training

+2,5% Discipline

Foreign spy detection.png Vetting

+33% Foreign spy detection

Liberty desire in subjects.png Additional Loyalist Recruitment

+10 Liberty desire in subjects

Diplomat.png Trade Infiltration

+1 Diplomats
+10% Trade efficiency

Embargo efficiency.png Privateers

+25% Embargo efficiency
+33% Privateer efficiency

Yearly corruption.png Audit Checks

-0,1 Yearly corruption

Rebel support efficiency.png Bonus:

+0,5 Rebel support efficiency
-10% Advisor costs

Influence Ideas

Influence ideas were and still are an option for nations in the HRE especially. Providing greatly reduced aggressive expansion they now bolster your country with a higher land forcelimit and absolutism gain which also makes it an idea to keep in the middle game. Reduced province warscore cost is also a thing that should not be underestimated. Especially in the early game it can make a great difference whether you can vassalize a country or not.

Influence idea group.png Influence Ideas
Trade efficiency.png Tribute System
+10% Trade efficiency

Province warscore cost.png Flexible Negotiation

-20% Province war score cost
+5 Liberty desire in subjects

Absolutism.png Integrated Elites

+1 Yearly absolutism
-25% Diplomatic annexation cost

Aggressive expansion impact.png State Propaganda

-25% Aggressive expansion impact

Diplomatic reputation.png Diplomatic Influence

+2 Diplomatic reputation

Diplomatic relations.png Postal Service

+2 Diplomatic relations

Land force limit modifier.png Marcher Lords

+25% Land force limit modifier

Unjustified demands.png Bonus:

-50% Unjustified demands

Dynastic (former: Diplomatic) Ideas

The old diplomatic ideas were renamed to dynastic ideas. The traits of this idea group are the reason for this, providing a decision and a new casus belli to really play the game of thrones. The decision enabled by this idea allows you to install an heir of your dynasty to countries you have a royal marriage with if they lack an heir and you meet some other conditions. The cb allows you to form a personal union with countries of your dynasty. Combining this you can really conquer your way to dynastic hegemony while still enjoying the other perks of the old diplomatic ideas. Not often seen in multiplayer but a very fun option in single player.

Diplomat.png Foreign Embassies
+1 Diplomats
+1 Legitimacy

Chance of new heir.png Establish Cadet Branches

+50% Chance of new heir
+0,5 Yearly prestige

Diplomatic relations.png Cabinet

+2 Diplomatic relations

Cost of reducing war exhaustion.png War Cabinet

-33% Cost of reducing war exhaustion

Improve relations.png Benign Diplomats

+25% Improve relations

Diplomatic reputation.png Experienced Diplomats

+2 Diplomatic reputation

Diplomatic technology cost.png Diplomatic Corps

-10% Diplomatic technology cost

Reduced stab impacts.png Bonus:

yes reduced_stab_impacts

Trade Ideas

The trade ideas are described pretty swiftly. Nothing has changed here. Still a very nice option if you really want to rely on trade income.

Trade idea group.png Trade Ideas
Trade power.png Shrewd Commerce Practice
+20% Global trade power

Merchants.png Free Trade

+1 Merchants

Trade range.png Merchant Adventures

+25% Trade range

Trade efficiency.png National Trade Policy

+10% Trade efficiency

Merchants.png Overseas Merchants

+1 Merchants

Trade steering.png Trade Manipulation

+25% Trade steering

Caravan power.png Fast Negotiations

+25% Caravan power

Merchants.png Bonus:

+1 Merchants

Maritime Ideas

Maritime ideas have gained a new role with the deleting of the vanilla naval idea group from military. Maritime ideas in Idea Variation are a combination of the old naval ideas and maritime ideas emphasizing maritime still. This idea group won't give you military land policies but give you vast pool of maritime policies. You can raid your enemies and rule the seas. It also enables the second stage of the special naval buildings regardless of what you picked as your special idea group (see below).

Maritime idea group.png Maritime Ideas
Navy tradition.png Seahawks
+1 Yearly navy tradition decay

National sailors modifier.png Merchant Marine

+50% Sailors Modifier
Buildings.png Drydock

Global ship repair.png Sheltered Ports

+20% Global ship repair
-10% Sailor maintenance

Naval force limit modifier.png Grand Navy

+50% Naval force limit modifier
Buildings.png Grand Shipyard

Ship costs.png Ship's Penny

-10% Ship costs

Naval leader maneuver.png Excellent Shipwrights

+1 Naval leader maneuver

Naval leader fire.png Naval Fighting Instruction

+1 Naval leader fire

Naval leader shock.png Bonus:

+1 Naval leader shock
+50% Blockade efficiency

Exploration Ideas

Exploration ideas have not been changed from the vanilla experience.

Exploration idea group.png Exploration Ideas
Colonists.png Colonial Ventures
+1 Colonists

May explore.png Quest for the New World

yes Allows recruitment of explorers & conquistadors

Colonial range.png Overseas Exploration

+50% Colonial range

Global settler increase.png Land of Opportunity

+20 Colonial growth

Global tariffs.png Viceroys

+20% Global tariffs

Colonists.png Free Colonies

+1 Colonists

Naval force limit modifier.png Global Empire

+25% Naval force limit modifier

Cb on primitives.png Bonus:

Casus belli.png Casus belli on primitives

Assimilation Ideas

Assimilation ideas are ideal if you want to culture switch or if you just want to convert many provinces. Also maintaining and annexing vassals is strength of this group. Reduced nationalism and more manpower round this group up, completed with other nice bonuses.

Assimilation idea group.png Assimilation Ideas
Culture conversion cost.png Reeducation
-50% Culture conversion cost

Diplomatic annexation cost.png Fast Integration

-25% Diplomatic annexation cost

National manpower modifier.png No Enemys, Brothers

+15% National manpower modifier

Religious unity.png Religious Tolerance

+20% Religious unity

Years of separatism.png Appeasement of Nationalists

-5 Years of separatism

Stability cost modifier.png Positive Pamphlet

-15% Stability cost modifier

Shock damage received.png Strong Solidarity

-2,5% Shock damage received

Diplomatic reputation.png Bonus:

+2 Diplomatic reputation

Society Ideas

Society ideas have similar to Innovative Ideas a permanent growth of any institution which makes them a very good first pick for any nations not close to Europe. A good combination of slight administrative and diplomatic bonuses makes this one of the most popular idea groups in multiplayer especially outside of Europe.

Society idea group.png Society Ideas
Land maintenance modifier.png War Bonds
-5% Land maintenance modifier

Improve relations.png Exchange Program

+15% Improve relations

Institution spread.png Establish Universities

+0,1 Institution spread
+0,05 Institution growth

Advisor cost.png Chances of Advancement

-10% Advisor costs

Spy network construction.png Alert Population

+10% Network construction
+10% Foreign spy detection

National unrest.png Content People

-1 National unrest

Morale of armies.png Through thick and thin

+5% Morale of armies

Possible advisors.png Bonus:

+1 Possible advisors

Propaganda Ideas

Propaganda ideas are nice for quick expansion. An additional diplomat, cheaper claims, improved relation bonus, that diplomatic reputation and those reduced unjustified demands cost are nice for early blobbing. For the age of absolutism there is a very nice +1 absolutism growth per year in it as well. 5% morale for both land and navy and 10% manpower give nice military bonuses as well.

Propaganda idea group.png Propaganda Ideas
War exhaustion.png War Propaganda
-2,5% Monthly war exhaustion

Diplomat.png Minister of Propaganda

+1 Diplomats

Improve relations.png Influence Foreign Countries

+15% Improve relations

Diplomatic reputation.png Credibility

+2 Diplomatic reputation

Absolutism.png Strive For Big Things

+1 Yearly absolutism

Unjustified demands.png General Vindication

-25% Unjustified demands

Siege ability.png Duty to Win

+10% Siege ability

National manpower modifier.png Bonus:

+10% National manpower modifier

Colonial Empire Ideas

Got a vast colonial empire? Then this is the idea group for you. Its best taken when you already have quite a number of colonies so this is maybe a third pick in the diplomatic group after Exploration and something else. This ideagroup raises tariffs to unknown heights gives more states, more colonists and a huge naval forcelimit bonus. The policies of this group are also centred on colonial development, expansion and warfare.

Colonial Empire idea group.png Colonial Empire Ideas
Colonists.png Autonomous Adventurers
+1 Colonists

Number of states.png Colonial Rush

+5 Number of states

Global tariffs.png Raise of Tariffs

+25% Global tariffs
0.05/ColonialNation Global tariffs
-0.025/ColonialNation Inflationreduction

National manpower modifier.png Colonial Conscription

+10% National manpower modifier
+10% Sailors Modifier
0.05/ColonialNation National manpower modifier
0.05/ColonialNation Sailors Modifier

Naval force limit modifier.png Commanding Fleet

+25% Naval force limit modifier
0.05/ColonialNation Naval force limit modifier

Construction cost.png Faster Infrastructure Development

-10% Build cost

Liberty desire from subjects development.png Smooth Troop Transport

-50% Liberty desire from subjects development

Diplomatic relations.png Bonus:

+2 Diplomatic relations

Nationalism Ideas

On first glance the only really stunning thing about this ideagroup is the flat 10k manpower bonus. The other things are more or less nice to have but compared to other bonuses not that amazing. However what makes this idea group unique and strong at the same time is the nationalist estate enabled when you unlock the first idea of this group.(Verweis auf Hauptartikel)

Nationalism idea group.png Nationalism Ideas
Cost of reducing war exhaustion.png Aimed Propaganda
-25% Cost of reducing war exhaustion
Tab domestic estates.png Nationalists

Regiment cost.png Volunteer Forces

-10% Regiment cost

Attrition for enemies.png Partisan Attacks

+1 Attrition for enemies

Hostile core-creation cost on us.png Rigid Land

+25% Hostile core-creation cost on us

Manpower.png For the Fatherland!

+2500 National manpower
+2,5 add_age_manpower

Maximum absolutism.png Confidence in the State

+10 Maximum absolutism
-1 National unrest

Prestige from land battles.png It is sweet to die for the Fatherland

+100% Prestige from land battles

Yearly prestige.png Bonus:

+1 Yearly prestige

Imperialism Ideas

Imperialism ideas are quite unique as well. You need to be emperor of the HRE or of emperor government rank if you want to unlock this ideagroup. Once unlocked it is undoubtedly one of the best diplomatic idea groups. Reduced core cost discipline, more forcelimit, more absolutism. You name it, it's all pretty fantastic.

Imperialism idea group.png Imperialism Ideas
Core-creation cost.png The Law of the Jungle
-15% Core-creation cost

Imperial authority modifier.png Long Tradition

+0,05 Imperial Authority Modifier
+0,05 Mandate Modifier
+0,05 add_age_authority

Prestige decay.png Glorious Past

-1% Prestige decay

National tax modifier.png Imperial Taxes

+10% National tax modifier
+1 National unrest

Naval force limit modifier.png Imperial Fleet

+25% Naval force limit modifier

Land force limit modifier.png Imperial Army

+25% Land force limit modifier

Discipline.png Imperial Guard

+2,5% Discipline

Maximum absolutism.png Bonus:

+10 Maximum absolutism

Special Diplomatic Ideas

You can only pick one of the following 3 idea groups, so choose wisely.

Heavy Ship Focus Ideas

Heavy Ship Focus is the idea if you want or need a huge heavy fleet. Reduced cost, more combat ability and general ship bonuses make this a very good choice for colonists. You'll need this idea group to build the big wharves to the highest level.

Heavy Ship Focus idea group.png Heavy Ship Focus*
Heavy ship cost.png Heavy Ship-Shipyards
-20% Heavy ship cost

Heavy ship combat ability.png Oak Forests for Ships

+30% Heavy ship power

Shipbuilding time.png Mass Production

-20% Ship recruit speed

National sailors modifier.png Naval Glory

+25% Sailors Modifier

Ship durability.png Double Hulls

+15% Ship durability

Naval force limit modifier.png Winter Harbours

+25% Naval force limit modifier
Buildings.png Grand Shipyard
Buildings.png Huge Shipyard

Sailor maintenance.png Naval Cadets

-10% Sailor maintenance
yes Navytradition from heavy ships

Recover navy morale speed.png Bonus:

+15% Recover navy morale speed

Galley Focus Ideas

This group is very good to dominate the Mediterranean or any other sea that gives a bonus to galleys. A very high base forcelimit allows every country picking this ideagroup to build a huge fleet from the get-go.

Galley Focus idea group.png Galley Focus*
Naval forcelimit.png Like The Harbour of Carthage
+100 Naval force limit
+50% Heavy ship cost
+100 add_age_forcelimit_naval
Buildings.png Drydock
Buildings.png Arsenal

Galley cost.png Galley-Shipyards

-20% Galley cost

Galley combat ability.png Improved Rams

+15% Galley combat ability

Morale of navies.png Naval Glory

+10% Morale of navies

Sailor maintenance.png Improved Naval Fighting Instruction

-25% Sailor maintenance
yes Navytradition from galleys

Ship durability.png Double Hulls

+10% Ship durability

Blockade efficiency.png Naval Artillery

+50% Blockade efficiency

National sailors modifier.png Bonus:

+35% Sailors Modifier
+15% Sailors recovery speed

Light Ship Focus Ideas

This group is very nice If your main interest lies in trade. If you just want a huge trade fleet and some of that heavy fire powers this is a nice idea to go to. This is also the best idea group of you want to privateer a lot and harass your enemies without declaring war.

Light Ship Focus idea group.png Light Ship Focus*
Light ship cost.png Light Ship-Shipyards
-20% Light ship cost
-20% Transport cost

Light ship combat ability.png Oak Forests for Ships

+20% Light ship power
+20% Transport combat ability

Trade efficiency.png Trade Tradition

+10% Trade efficiency
yes Navytradition from light ships

Sailor maintenance.png Naval Cadets

-75% Sailor maintenance

Naval force limit modifier.png Huge Trade Fleet

+50% Naval force limit modifier
+25% Ship tradepower propagation
Buildings.png Drydock
Buildings.png Arsenal

Privateer efficiency.png Merchant Intelligence

+25% Privateer efficiency
+25% Embargo efficiency

Morale of navies.png Superior Seamanship

+20% Morale of navies

Merchants.png Bonus:

+1 Merchants

Military power.pngMilitary Idea groups

Offensive Ideas

Offensive Ideas have lost their leader fire bonus which is the biggest change compared to the vanilla variation of this group. However they have gained 2 land maneuver making it a bit up for the loss. Apart from that this ideagroup is untouched.

Offensive idea group.png Offensive Ideas
Land leader shock.png Bayonet Leaders
+1 Land leader shock

Recruitment time.png National Conscripts

-10% Regiment recruit speed

Land leader maneuver.png Improved Maneuver

+2 Land leader manuever

Prestige from land battles.png Glorious Arms

+100% Prestige from land battles

Siege ability.png Engineer Corps

+20% Siege ability

Land force limit modifier.png Grand Army

+20% Land force limit modifier

Discipline.png Esprit de Corps

+3,5% Discipline

Land attrition.png Bonus:

-20% Land attrition

Defensive Ideas

Defensive Ideas gained the leader fire from offensive ideas, but lost some of the morale provided in vanilla, fitting with the general balancing.

Defensive idea group.png Defensive Ideas
Army tradition.png Battlefield Commissions
+1 Yearly army tradition

Morale of armies.png Military Drill

+7,5% Morale of armies
+5% Recover army morale speed

Land leader fire.png Superior Firepower

+1 Land leader fire

Fire damage received.png Regimental System

-5% Fire damage received

Shock damage received.png Defensive Mentality

-5% Shock damage received
+10% Fort defense

Reinforce speed.png Supply Trains

+33% Reinforce speed

Land maintenance modifier.png Improved Foraging

-10% Land maintenance modifier

Attrition for enemies.png Bonus:

+1 Attrition for enemies

Quality Ideas

Quality Ideas are still a fantastic choice for powers that rely on navy and land. Combat Ability, naval morale, army tradition and discipline. All is still there and going strong.

Quality idea group.png Quality Ideas
Infantry combat ability.png Private to Marshal
+7,5% Infantry combat ability

Army tradition.png Quality Education

+1 Yearly army tradition

Cavalry combat ability.png Finest of Horses

+7,5% Cavalry combat ability

Ship durability.png Corvettes

+5% Ship durability

Morale of navies.png Naval Drill

+10% Morale of navies

Naval attrition.png Copper Bottoms

-25% Naval attrition

Artillery combat ability.png Massed Battery

+7,5% Artillery combat ability

Discipline.png Bonus:

+3,5% Discipline

Quantity Ideas

Quantity Ideas were buffed from the vanilla variation the reason being them offering no combat bonuses and their policies not having that many of those strong bonuses as well. Even without those the group still can be considered very good. Some consider it the best military idea in vanilla, although I would not necessarily agree on that it still is a nice choice.

Quantity idea group.png Quantity Ideas
National manpower modifier.png Levée en Masse
+50% National manpower modifier

Manpower recovery speed.png The Young can Serve

+50% Manpower recovery speed

Regiment cost.png Enforced Service

-10% Regiment cost

Land maintenance modifier.png The Old and Infirm

-10% Land maintenance modifier

Mercenary manpower.png Mercenary Contracts

+25% Available mercenaries

Garrison size.png Conscripted Garrisons

+50% Garrison Size

Land attrition.png Expanded Supply Trains

-10% Land attrition

Land force limit modifier.png Bonus:

+50% Land force limit modifier

General Staff Ideas

General Staff Ideas really give your generals the right idea. The increase every pip possible for both admirals and generals, give additional leaders and more army and navy tradition. Some policies offering even more bonuses in that direction you can find yourself with 100 army tradition and very very fine leaders on the battlefield if you take this ideagroup.

General Staff idea group.png General Staff Ideas
Land leader shock.png Theory of Shock Combat
+1 Land leader shock

Land leader fire.png Theory of Ranged Combat

+1 Land leader fire

Land leader maneuver.png Naval Maneuver Manual

+1 Land leader manuever
+1 Naval leader maneuver

Leader siege.png Theory of Siege Combat

+1 Leader siege

Naval leader fire.png Theory of Naval Combat

+1 Naval leader fire
+1 Naval leader shock

Army professionalism.png Constant Drills

+0,5 Yearly Army Professionalism

Leader(s) without upkeep.png Logistics Expansion

+2 Leader(s) without upkeep

Army tradition.png Bonus:

+1 Yearly army tradition
+1 Yearly navy tradition decay

Fortress Ideas

Fortress Ideas are very nice for defending your country. They not only reduce fort maintenance drastically but also give 15% of artillery combat ability which is quite nice for a defensive ideagroup. To complete this Fortress Ideas unlock special fort buildings that can be built to really make it hard for your enemies to siege you down. The enemy will not only drown in attrition but might find it difficult to take your forts at all without bringing everything to the table.

Fortress idea group.png Fortress Ideas
Reinforce cost.png Areas of Supplies
-0,25 Reinforce cost

Fort defense.png Defensive Artillery

+25% Fort defense

Fort maintenance.png Better Fort Administration

-50% Fort maintenance
Buildings.png Fortified Keep
Buildings.png Fortress Barracks
Buildings.png Additional Towers
Buildings.png Defensive Artillery
Buildings.png Second Contravallation
Buildings.png Underground Supply Depot

Shock damage received.png Gather at Checkpoints

-5% Shock damage received

Garrison size.png Fortress Baracks

+50% Garrison Size
+25% National garrison growth

Attrition for enemies.png Long Endurance

+2 Attrition for enemies

Artillery combat ability.png Fortress Cannons

+15% Artillery combat ability
-10% Artillery cost

Reinforce speed.png Bonus:

+25% Reinforce speed

Weapon Quality Ideas

This idea group is a fine combination of trade and quality ideas. Giving money, a merchant and strong military bonuses makes this a fine addition to many idea sets.

Weapon Quality idea group.png Weapon Quality Ideas
Goods produced modifier.png Weapon Production
+7,5% Goods produced modifier

Infantry combat ability.png Quality Infantry Weapons

+7,5% Infantry combat ability

Cavalry combat ability.png Quality Cavalry Weapons

+7,5% Cavalry combat ability

Merchants.png Weapons Merchant

+1 Merchants

Siege ability.png Modern Siege Engines

+15% Siege ability

Production efficiency.png Improved Production

+7,5% Production efficiency

Artillery combat ability.png Quality Cannons

+7,5% Artillery combat ability

Discipline.png Bonus:

+3,5% Discipline

Warproduction Ideas

This idea group is really good for fielding a huge army, reducing cost of all troops and reducing maintenance. Its also boosting your economy and allowing you to take less expensive loans. Only a small morale bonus on the real military side is a small downside, but if you really want to bring the masses to your enemy this is a very good choice.

War Production idea group.png War Production Ideas
Infantry cost.png Infantry Weopon Manufactory Production
-15% Infantry cost

Cavalry cost.png Professional Horse Breeding

-15% Cavalry cost

Interest per annum.png War Bonds

-1 Interest per annum

Naval forcelimit.png Effective Base Construction

+15 Naval force limit
+10 Land Force limit
+15 add_age_forcelimit_naval
+10 add_age_forcelimit_land

Land fire damage.png Musket Production

+7,5% Land fire damage

Artillery cost.png Artillery Manufactory Production

-15% Artillery cost

Naval force limit modifier.png Military Depots

+15% Naval force limit modifier
+15% Land force limit modifier

Morale of armies.png Bonus:

+7,5% Morale of armies

Militarism Ideas

Militarism Ideas are good combination of combat bonuses and other useful military bonuses like manpower. Taking this will improve the capability of your country to wage war in nearly every aspect.

Militarism idea group.png Militarism Ideas
Land force limit modifier.png Great Army
+15% Land force limit modifier

Leader(s) without upkeep.png Officer Career

+1 Leader(s) without upkeep

Discipline.png Natural Obedience

+3,5% Discipline

Manpower.png Volunteer Overflow

+5000 National manpower
+5 add_age_manpower

National garrison growth.png Volunteers for Defence

+25% National garrison growth
+25% Garrison Size

Militarization of state.png Battle Enthusiasm

+0,05 Militarization of State
-10% Land attrition

Shock damage received.png Resilience

-5% Shock damage received

War exhaustion.png Bonus:

-3% Monthly war exhaustion

Tactical Ideas

Tactical Ideas are ideal if you want to field a special army concentrating on shock, fire or both. The increased movement speed is fantastic for quick reinforcements or catching an enemy. Increased cavalry to infantry ratio will allow you to play 100% cavalry which is a fun experience together with some policies and other bonuses. Tactical Ideas also give a vast variety of good military bonuses which makes them a very popular pick in multiplayer.

Tactical idea group.png Tactical Ideas
Movement speed.png Column March
+25% Local movement speed

Shock damage.png Assault

+5% Shock damage

Cavalry to infantry ratio.png Excessive Envelopment

+20% Cavalry to infantry ratio
+50% Cavalry flanking ability

Shock damage received.png Square

-3% Shock damage received

Land fire damage.png Fire By Rank

+5% Land fire damage

Land attrition.png Army Doctors

-15% Land attrition

Fire damage received.png Covering Fire

-3% Fire damage received

Land leader maneuver.png Bonus:

+1 Land leader manuever
-50% Prestige from land battles

Special Military Idea Groups

You can only pick one of the following three idea groups!

Standing Army Ideas

Standing Army ideas are huge when it comes to combat bonuses. If you just want a very strong army this is an excellent choice. Increased maintenance for your army is a downside though.

Standing Army idea group.png Standing Army*
Infantry combat ability.png Specialized Infantry Training
+7,5% Infantry combat ability

Cavalry combat ability.png Cavalry Round Tactics

+7,5% Cavalry combat ability

Artillery combat ability.png Command the Barrage

+7,5% Artillery combat ability

Army drill gain modifier.png Military Booklet

+25% Army Drill Gain Modifier

Prestige from land battles.png Grandiose Achievements

+100% Prestige from land battles

Siege ability.png Sieging Breakthrough

+10% Siege ability

Discipline.png Fire on my Command!

+5% Discipline

Land maintenance modifier.png Bonus:

+7,5% Land maintenance modifier

Mercenary Army Ideas

Just want to field a mercenary army and not much else? Then this idea group is your weapon of choice. Making mercs better by improving mercenary discipline and reducing cost of mercs all over the place makes this a good option for really rich people.

Mercenary Army idea group.png Mercenary Army Ideas*
Looting speed.png Free Looting
+0,5 Loot amount

Mercenary cost.png Longterm Contracts

-25% Mercenary cost

War exhaustion.png The Sons Stay Home

-5% Monthly war exhaustion

Mercenary maintenance.png Split the Spoils of War

-50% Mercenary maintenance

Leader(s) without upkeep.png Mercenary Captains

+1 Leader(s) without upkeep

Mercenary discipline.png Different Troop Types

+5% Mercenary discipline

Mercenary manpower.png Mercenary Tradition

+150% Available mercenaries
yes No proffession loss for mercs
yes prof_decay_for_mercs

Mercenary maintenance.png Bonus:

-25% Mercenary maintenance

Conscription Ideas

This idea group allows you to conscript a big army out of your main land. It raises your manpower nicely and gives a big bonus to your morale. You can also quickly reinforce your armies with fresh men and you can stay on top of military advancement at all times with this idea giving a big discount to military technology cost.

Conscription idea group.png Conscription Ideas*
Reinforce speed.png Quick Mobilisation
+20% Reinforce speed

Morale of armies.png We know what we fight for

+15% Morale of armies

Manpower.png General Conscription

+5000 National manpower
+5 add_age_manpower

Army tradition.png Basic Training

+1 Yearly army tradition

Military technology cost.png Military Zeitgeist

-7,5% Military technology cost

National manpower modifier.png Huge Number of Recruits

+25% National manpower modifier

Army drill gain modifier.png Drill Segments

+50% Army Drill Gain Modifier

Manpower recovery speed.png Bonus:

+50% Manpower recovery speed

Special Ideas: Shock and Fire

You can only pick one of the following two idea groups!

Fire Ideas

If you want to field an army that mainly relies on firepower fire ideas will do the job for you. Increased fire damage and reduced shock damage as well as artillery combat ability and a leader fire bonus make this a strong late game idea.

Fire idea group.png Fire Ideas*
Shock damage received.png Concentrated Volleys
-5% Shock damage received

Artillery bonus vs fort.png Siege Cannons

+1 Artillery Bonus vs Fort

Artillery combat ability.png Quick Reloading

+7,5% Artillery combat ability

Land fire damage.png Wait till the last second

+5% Land fire damage

Fort defense.png Defensive Fire

+10% Fort defense

Artillery damage from back row.png Concentrated Fire Support

+0,1 Artillery Damage from Back Row

Land leader fire.png Long Range Generals

+1 Land leader fire

Shock damage received.png Bonus:

-5% Shock damage received

Shock Ideas

The counterpart to the fire idea group is the shock idea group. Some might consider it an early game choice to be replaced by fire at some point but those underestimate the power of a shock army mainly consisting of cavalry.

Shock idea group.png Shock Ideas*
Fire damage received.png Sudden Assault
-5% Fire damage received

Land maintenance modifier.png Simple Equipment

-10% Land maintenance modifier

Cavalry to infantry ratio.png Cavalry Focus

+15% Cavalry to infantry ratio

Shock damage.png Staggering Attack

+5% Shock damage

Manpower recovery speed.png First Treatment

+10% Manpower recovery speed

Cavalry combat ability.png Wedge Formation

+7,5% Cavalry combat ability

Land leader shock.png Shock Generals

+1 Land leader shock

Fire damage received.png Bonus:

-5% Fire damage received

Possible advisors.pngAdvisors

Idea Variation adds 23 new advisor types in total.


Idea Variation adds a number of new buildings (currently 28). Especially mentioned are Idea Group specific buildings for Fleet Base and Fortress Ideas. Apart from that all of the vanilla chains have gained an additional building. There’s also a building that reduces development cost depending on the terrain you have in a provinces allowing you to develop in normally unfavourable climate and terrain easier than before. Bonuses and use of buildings have been rebalanced as well to give more variety on what you can do with buildings.

Casus Belli

Coast Invasion

The Coast Invasion cb allows you to attack every provinces connected to water in colonial range. This will give you an opportunity to conquer lands normally outside of your reach. The wargoal is the control of the provinces you want to conquer.

Dynastic Unification War

The Dynastic Unification war can be used to force a personal union over a country with your dynasty. It is enabled if you complete the Dynastic Idea group. The wargoal is to control the capital of the country you want to force a union on.

Maritime War

This CB is not idea group specific. It allows you to attack a foe that has at least 4 ports while you also have at least 4 and fight for naval supremacy. Provinces cannot be taken in such a peace deal, but it is ideal for forcing money out of your opponent or for demanding their tradepower. The wargoal is to blockade the enemy.


In Idea Variation there are a number of Idea Group Specific Decisions.

Development Decision

Enabled by the Development Idea Group you can improve the development of your country by spending some of your income. The more development you have, the more money you have to spend – but the more development you also get in return. The cooldown for this decision is depended on the age you are in and scales down from 15 years to finally 7. (12 and 10 being the other two steps).

Decision to Spread your Dynasty

Enabled by Dynastic Ideas this Decision allows you to spread your dynasty to a country without an heir or a weak heir you have a marriage with. You also need a spynetwork in that country and to spend some money but in the end you might receive the same dynasty on the throne of the other country if your heir survives.

Hiring Advisor Decision

Enabled by Humanist ideas this group allows you to hire an advisor at level 2 or 3 of your choosing every three years. However for those three years advisor cost is globally raised for your depending on the skill of your advisor.

Reform in Dictatorship Decision

When fallen in a republic dictatorship you can now stay a Dictatorship by keeping your republican tradition between 20 and 60. The dictatorship Idea group will help you to do that by enabling a decision that allows you to choose if you want to direct your country towards a republic or a monarchy.


Idea Variation adds two new estates. However also the old estates were changed here and there. The changes are not big and normally its just adjustments to add an idea bonus here and there.


The Janissary estate replaces the modifier for people with the Cossacks DLC. With the death of a ruler the Janissaries now lose loyalty. This loyalty can be bought back with Estate interactions. There are also other interactions which are more or less self-explanatory. You can hire a minister and give the Janissaries more influence also boosting their loyalty. Janissaries will gain more influence over time (1500 and 1600) additional 10%. The magic boundary for the Janissary Decadence Disaster is also 80 influence, however 100 years have to pass until the disaster can start. So one could really abuse Janissary influence in the first 100 years. But you’ll have to really fight it down again before the disaster happens.


Nationalists are enabled by the first idea of the nationalist idea group. They work quite differently than the other estates. First of all you could freely give them any province you have in your country and no disaster will happen. However, you can only use estate interactions when the Nationalists are under 60 influence with nearly every action increasing their influence.

Government Reforms

Idea Variation overhauls the government reform system, with reforms that add a factional council system that gives your country bonuses and maluses depending on which faction is in charge.


Similar to vanilla in Idea Variation every idea group enables a policy with every idea group from the other two categories. Vanilla policies also have been rebalanced. The idea of this policy system is to make policies worth the one monarch point that is used to enable them. Different from vanilla you can have 7 policies active at the same time and switch them every 3 years.

Special Mod Features

The special mod features can be enabled or disabled by event at the beginning of a campaign.

Development Features

Idea Variation fields a special development system that increases development cost by 1% for every two state provinces over 50. This effect can be halved by horde or decentralisation ideas by 50%. This feature will allow countries to play very tall but give also a slight hindrance for countries owning many provinces.

Idea Variation Hard Mode

Idea Variation Hard Mode is a mode designed for players that seek a challenge against the AI. It will give the AI increasing bonuses with each age posing a bigger economic and military threat to the player.


Idea Variation is also a mod that wants to balance multiplayer games as best as possible. That is why almost every military idea group gives the same amount of military policies with other idea groups. That is why many different idea group combinations can be chosen in MP as well thus resulting in different army focuses and play styles. However one will not find himself too far behind if he choose a creative playstyle unlike in vanilla where there are 2 idea ideagroup setups with little sense to differ from them.

Mod Addons

Extended Timeline

Idea Variation is compatible with Extended Timeline if an additional compatibility addon is installed.

Shattered Europa

Idea Variation is compatible with Shattered Europa if an additional compatibility addon is installed.