1.11.X 版本

Domination.png 霸业
Lions of the North.png 北方雄狮
Origins.png 起源
Leviathan.png 利维坦
Emperor.png 皇帝
Golden Century.png 黄金世纪
Dharma.png 达摩
Rule Britannia.png 统治吧,不列颠尼亚
Cradle of Civilization.png 文明的摇篮
Third Rome.png 第三罗马
Mandate of Heaven.png 天命
Rights of Man.png 人权
Mare Nostrum.png 我们的海
The Cossacks.png 哥萨克
Common Sense.png 常识
El Dorado.png 黄金国
Art of War.png 孙子兵法
Res Publica.png 公共事务
Wealth of Nations.png 国富论
Conquest of Paradise.png 天堂征服
EU4 icon.png 基础版本

Patch 1.11.X are all patches beginning with 1.11. There were four 1.11.X hotfix patches.


主条目:Patch 1.11


Patch 1.11.1[1] is a hotfix released on 2015-03-10, and it fixed some issues from Patch 1.11. The checksum is 547a.


  • Doubled horde gold & tradition gain from looting.
  • The Women in History DLC should now show up correctly in the launcher for everyone.
  • Fixed various minor issues with dynasties, triggers and duplicate characters in the Women in History events.
  • Ships no longer show manpower needed in reinforcement tooltip when not modded to cost manpower.
  • remove_opinion and reverse_remove_opinion effects now work again.
  • Random New World no longer crashes on start.
  • Naval exploration slowed down. There's a new define SEA_EXPLORE_SPEED to control this.
  • Treasure fleet tooltip will be immediately updated on tag change rather than at month's end, to prevent confusion.
  • Fixed wrong custom colors for units after loading save game.
  • Fixed male heirs sometimes getting female names in Custom Nations.
  • Fixed Colonial nations of custom nations ruled by a succession of regency councils.
  • Fixed CTD when creating client states from Custom or Dynamic Nations.
  • Fixed assigning merchant to main trading port removes caravan trade power.
  • Fixed Detach Siege can remove general if detaching army was too small.
  • Fixed wrong custom colors for units after loading save game.
  • Fixed Dynamic nations losing all flag colors after save (colors will be randomized if loading a save created before the fix).
  • Natives can no longer rise up in uncolonized provinces taken by custom nation.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the AI from exploring ocean provinces.
  • Fixed a bug where female advisors would not be correctly saved as female on saving & reloading.
  • Fixed meso/south american theologians having Western portraits
  • Added missing localization for colonial nation names.
  • Tweaked army tradition gain so that you gain some tradition even from crushing victories (you still get more for more even battles though)
  • Fixed some cases where liberty desire still did not show on topbar for subjects.
  • Fixed some missing localisations for colonial nations.


Patch 1.11.2[2] is a hotfix released on 2015-03-11 that fixes some bugs. The checksum is 4dee.


  • Fixed revolutionary tricolors being all-white
  • Splitting off a siege stack no longer puts general in the wrong stack
  • Another fix to try and force clients who could not see Women in History to download the files


Patch 1.11.3[3] is a hotfix released on 2015-03-13 that fixes some bugs. The checksum is 62b3.


  • More fixes to dynasties for Women in History events
  • Coalition leader no longer gets increased War Enthusiasm if enemy warscore is 50% or more
  • Being defeated by rebels no longer always gives +5 army tradition.
  • Fixed an issue where users without El Dorado would constantly receive messages about treasure fleets arriving with 0 gold
  • Fixed CTD in rebel factions caused by loading several saves after each other
  • Fixed a bug where explorers would get stuck after reloading an ironman save while they were on an exploration mission
  • Custom nation ships should no longer have rebel flags
  • Maya collapsing should no longer release UPCA under ANY circumstances
  • Terrain modifiers for fort defense now work correctly
  • Marches now count less towards total power of vassals for the purpose of calculating Liberty Desire.
  • Nations supporting independence now only increases liberty desire for vassals they are supporting and their allies.


Patch 1.11.4[4] is a hotfix released on 2015-03-23 that fixes some bugs. The checksum is 63fd.


  • Major optimization work done to AI and gamestate, should hopefully help for users that are reporting performance issues
  • Fixed a bug where you would be counted as being an ally in war with another country despite not being at war at all
  • Seven Cities: Fixed Quivira ultimate end event not working correctly due to bad scope scripting
  • Fixed CTD occuring on integration caused by integrated country having 'empty' armies and navies
  • AI: Now picks exploration ideas more frequently in random setup
  • Fixed bug where date could be changed after loading a save game.
  • Fixed another case where occupying just the coalition leader could lead to 100% warscore
  • Fixed an issue where religious AI would 'freeze', ceasing all conversions until save was reloaded
  • Fixed an issue where the AI would make suicidal declarations of war due to miscalculating on whether enemy allies would join
  • Better default adjectives for Custom and Dynamic Random nations
  • Improved tooltips for liberty desire
  • It is no longer possible to add Custom Nations to Ironman save games.