1.14.X 版本

Origins.png 起源
Leviathan.png 利维坦
Emperor.png 皇帝
Golden Century.png 黄金世纪
Dharma.png 达摩
Rule Britannia.png 统治吧,不列颠尼亚
Cradle of Civilization.png 文明的摇篮
Third Rome.png 第三罗马
Mandate of Heaven.png 天命
Rights of Man.png 人权
Mare Nostrum.png 我们的海
The Cossacks.png 哥萨克
Common Sense.png 常识
El Dorado.png 黄金国
Art of War.png 孙子兵法
Res Publica.png 公共事务
Wealth of Nations.png 国富论
Conquest of Paradise.png 天堂征服
EU4 icon.png 基础版本

Patch 1.14.X are all patches beginning with 1.14. There have been three 1.14.X hotfix patches so far.


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1.14.1 is a hotfix originally released with Checksum e78b [1] and subsequently modified with additional bug fixes with the Checksum of d7f1 [2]


  • Nerfed Putting out System Event for Burghers.
  • Fixed a Burgher event that could trigger without Burgher owned provinces despite requiring that to work.
  • Province Conversion Mission should not target Dhimmi provinces.
  • Pope can no longer use interaction to send envoy to the pope.
  • Fixed RNW country names not saved properly.
  • Reduced loyalty impact for revoking provinces from estates and estates not having enough provinces assigned.
  • Fixed bad province color in tile that would mess up regions, areas and trade nodes in worlds using that tile.
  • Fixed Bug in Tile Mef 2 that would mess up pathfinding and regions/tradenodes/areas in all worlds using that tile.
  • Tengri_local_plight modifier will no longer apply a country level tax reduction in each province it exists totaly removing all tax income for a Tengri Country.
  • Fixed a very nasty CTD that resulted in saves being deleted.
  • Monarch Generals can no longer accidentally turn into regular Generals when loading a save game.
  • Fixed achievements being disabled when loading Ironman games saved with previous version of the game.
  • There is now a Backup.eu4 copy of prior save for local saves and CloudBackup.eu4 copy of prior save for cloud saves (meaning that if game CTDs during save, you can recover save).
  • Fixed supported_version disappearing from Mod when uploading.
  • Forming a new nation no longer breaks achievements.
  • Fixed exploit: you can no longer call allies into wars without spending favors or promising territory.
  • Fixed CTD: game does not crash anymore when you hover over the Siege Won Effects text for some rebels.
  • Memory optimization to remedy GUI elements "disappearing" after playing for a few hours.
  • Revoke Elector peace treaty, Form Personal Union peace treaty and Concede Colonial Region peace treaty now gives aggressive expansion again.
  • Fixed not being able to move capital and add seats to parliament due the estates even though The Cossacks DLC is not enabled.
  • Added province null check in GetFullDescription for province modifiers.
  • Tweaked Zones of Control to work more like they did before, with no free wandering around fort, but with additional logic to still try and cut down on weird paths.
  • Forts can no longer control territory in countries whose owner is at war with the fort province's owner. Note that this only applies to ownership, so for example if Poland is at war with Lithuania, forts in Poland cannot project a ZoC over Lithuanian-owned land, but if Poland takes control of a Lithuanian fort it can then project a ZoC in Lithuanian land despite being controlled by Poland. This should fix the issues with units starting 'stuck' because they were in a ZoC when war was declared.
  • Fixed useless go to siege view icon appearing in unit interface.
  • Fixed selecting army in a siege sometimes selecting the siege instead.
  • Fixed an issues where forts from the Cossacks Content Pack would not appear.
  • Fixed issue with some heirs refusing to grow up due to wrongly set birth date.
  • Reduced size of rebels somewhat in countries that don't have large forcelimits (huge empires still get the same amount as before).


1.14.2 is a hotfix released with the checksum 41a0.[3]


  • Added missing superregion scope trigger.
  • Dialogs once again will not unpause the game when they are closed.
  • Dishonoring a Call to Arms now correctly decreases Trust.
  • Fixed a CTD related to monarchs.
  • Fixed allies in war not getting Aggressive Expansion when getting provinces.
  • Dynamic Province Names now work as expected again.


1.14.3 is a hotfix released with the checksum f611.[4]


  • Rewrote monarch leader code in a fashion that should prevent any further crashes from this.
  • Fixed crash when selecting a second save game in start menu.
  • Fixed getting double AE when feeding vassals provinces in peace deals.
  • Fixed triggers for province group/superregion (for real this time).
  • Random New World provinces will now always have a native type (lacking this prevented them from having native uprisings).
  • Fixed: Local iromman saves weren't being backed up.
  • Fixed CTD for NULL controller area in GetEffectiveDistance.
  • Fixed: Explorers stopped exploring and unable to use them.
  • Fixed CTD when AI adds estates in a country that can't have them.
  • Blocked adding provinces to estates that don't exist in a country.


1.14.4 is a hotfix released with the checksum e1a1.[5]


  • Fixed CTD when auto-processing events with zero valid event options.
  • Fixed a OpenGL crash when loading RNW save
  • idea_group level trigger now works again
  • Fixed broken native assimilation bonus.
  • Fixed CTD in the swap_free_idea_group effect.
  • Fixed problem in which AI would lose trust because you couldn't return a core you've already selected to be ceded to them in a peace offer.
  • Fixed crash on Mac when posting telemetry on low latency connection.
  • Blocked exploit where you could create super-powered custom nation ideas.
  • Greenland is no longer part of any colonial region.
  • Will attempt to reload textures that failed loading earlier, helping with disappearing UI bug.