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政府等级 王国 王国级
主流文化 Sumatran (Malay)
首都 Pagaruyung (2681)
政体 Despotic Monarchy
国教 小乘佛教Theravada.png
科技组 中华科技组中华科技组
Traditions.png 传统
+2 异教容忍
+10% 要塞防御
Idea bonus.png 野心
+10% 贸易效率
Idea bonus.png 理念

Missionary strength.png 柦特罗传统

+2% 传教力量

Trade power.png 黄金贸易

+10% 国际贸易力量

Legitimacy.png 伊斯塔诺巴萨

+1 年度正统

National unrest.png 三王座

−1 国家叛乱度

Institution spread.png 高等教育

+10% 思潮传播速度

Prestige.png 鲁玛嘉丹

+1 年度威望

Stability cost modifier.png 母系文化

−10% 稳定度花费

Pagarruyung is the only Theravada Buddhist kingdom in Indonesia. It is located in the western part of Sumatra, surrounded by Sunni countries :  锡亚克 to the North and  八昔 to the West.


Execute decision.png建立马来亚


  • 使用一般或历史国家
  •  马来亚不存在
  • 该国:
  • 如果由AI控制则:
    • 在使用自建国
    • 是前殖民领国家
    • 拥有至少12个非殖民地省份


  • 国家成为  马来亚
  • 获得 Prestige.png 25 威望
  • 如果是神圣罗马帝国成员但不是选帝侯皇帝
    • 则所有拥有的省份离开神圣罗马帝国
  • 如果政府等级为 Duchy rank 公国
    • 则设置政府等级为 Kingdom rank 王国
  • 获得位于库泰地区、文莱地区、加里曼丹地区、亚齐地区、廖内地区、巴塔克地区、米南加保地区、楠榜地区、马来亚地区、马六甲地区全部省份的永久宣称
  • 获得国家修正 "加强中央集权" 3650 天 拥有以下效果:
    • Autonomy.png −0.05 月度自治度变化
    • National unrest.png +1 全国叛乱
  • 设置国家flag formed_malaya_flag


Pagarruyung offers a unique experience as being the only Buddhist country in the Indonesia region. It starts as only a minor power in the Indonesia region.

Pagarruyung's idea group focuses on trade improvements, as well as religious and national stability, helpful for an Indonesian nation that is religiously isolated and that will be expanding quickly. Pagarruyung's starting Merchants can be placed locally for the moment, but should be sent to the Canton and Hangzhou nodes as soon as they come within Trade Range, as these nodes normally require a Merchant to route their value towards the Malacca node.

Getting started

In most games,  马六甲 will rival both Siak and Pasai despite sharing religions with these nations, due to their border friction. It is very likely that some of these nations will also rival Pagarruyung, but each nation will be easier to defeat if they do not have local allies available. However, the small nations of  吉打 and  北大年 may find allies in Pagarruyung's rivals, and these nations are not trivial threats for a three-province nation such as Pagarruyung.

From day one, begin improving relations with  巽他, or  马六甲 if they did not rival the player. Either nation should accept a royal marriage fairly soon but getting them allied requires some time spent improving relations. If available, a Diplomatic Reputation advisor can help to acquire allies sooner rather than later.

Another excellent ally to obtain if possible is  阿育他耶; due to Pagarruyung's size, this may be difficult, but Ayutthaya does share religions with the player's nation and so the alliance may be possible with time.  高棉 is likely to be attacked by Ayutthaya early, making them a poor choice of alliance unless they are victorious somehow.

As with all nations, it is recommended to build up to the starting Force Limits in both Army and Navy, so as to discourage attacks by enemy nations. Pagarruyung's Gold province will account for a significant portion of initial income, but the player may lower army maintenance slightly and mothball their unused Transports if the player is willing to take the risk of an attack in exchange for a better economy. While doing so, the player should fabricate claims on both of their neighbors, particularly Siak.

Even if all of the above is accomplished, Pasai might still decide to declare war. Without a decent ally, this war may be impossible to win unless the player invests heavily in loans and hires mercenaries far over the Force Limit, especially since Siak is likely to opportunistically declare war as well. However, if everything goes as planned, Malacca or another nation will be an ally, deterring attacks long enough for claims to be prepared on Siak. As soon as possible, the player should declare war on Siak, calling in their ally if necessary, depending on any defensive alliances Siak has formed. Vassalization of Siak is an option as they are a Sunni nation that contains no essential local provinces, but Pagarruyung also desperately needs more land at this stage of the game. If the player choose to create a vassal, caution must be used to avoid a dangerous disloyal vassal, usually by annexing one province from Siak and vassalizing the remainder.

If vassalized, the player should improve relations with Siak to lower their liberty desire as well as begin fabricating claims on Pasai. When an opportunity presents itself, the player should attack Pasai, again possibly with an ally's assistance, depending on the quality of Pasai's defensive network. If successful, the player can then divide lands between Siak and their own nation, but Pasai province itself (2673) should be annexed directly due to containing a Center of Trade.

Next steps: Exploration and Forming Malaya

Getting Exploration ideas as soon as possible is a strong option for the Pagarruyung player, as colonization is needed to eventually form  马来亚. The uncolonized provinces in Indonesia are also quite rich and are ripe for the taking.

In order to form Malaya, control over either Borneo or the Malaya Peninsula is required (in addition to Sumatra), as well as four provinces on the island of Java. If Pagarruyung remains allied to Malacca, the player can choose to replace them with Ayutthaya and then annex their former friend, taking control of the Peninsula for themselves. However, the player should beware of betraying Ayutthaya if they were promised territory. Remember that control over the province of Pattani (594) is required in order to fulfill the requirements for this region, but Kedah (2394) is not.

If the player wishes to maintain the alliance for the moment, Pagarruyung will need to colonize in order to fabricate claims on the other nations in Indonesia. The province of Belitung (2679) is useful for claiming land in Sunda or Majapahit, whereas Pontianak (640) can be used to claim parts of  文莱. In addition, both provinces are necessary to complete official control of their respective islands. Whichever choice the player makes, these regions can often take multiple wars to conquer completely, due to the development of the provinces and the fact that Majapahit and Brunei are likely to annex their smaller counterparts, making the wars more difficult to win.

In addition, Australia can make a suitable area to colonise early in order to form a Colonial Nation, while the Philippines offer some very high development provinces and are important to seize before the inevitable European colonizers. The Andamans can be useful to fabricate claims to the player's north if expansion into India is viable due to a weak Bengal.

The Late Game

After forming Malaya, the player can take several different courses. Conquering Buddhist land from mainland nations in Indochina is a strong option that can bring significant Trade Value back to the Malacca Trade Node. Alternatively, control over nodes in northern China such as Hangzhou and Japan can allow the player to route trade from Colonial Nations in limited areas of the New World, specifically Mexico, California and Rio Grande, back to Malacca as well. If a Random New World is selected, significant amounts of New World trade can flow through the Philippines or even Australia, making control over these areas even more valuable.

Normally, despite the player's best efforts, European colonizer nations will eventually gain a foothold in Indonesia. To prepare for the arrival of the Europeans, the player should take steps to remain as advanced as possible in Military and Diplomatic technology as well as searching for allies with powerful navies, such as a united  大明 or a powerful Indian Sultanate, such as a successful  毗奢耶那伽罗. The natural wealth of the Indonesian archipelago should assist the player greatly with this challenge.


Though Exploration and Expansion come highly recommended, many different idea groups are strong choices for Pagarruyung. Trade and Maritime ideas are useful to gain further economic benefits from the rich Malacca trade node, whereas Naval and Quality ideas are sensible choices for balancing the scales against the Europeans at sea.

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The Spice Must Flow的图标
The Spice Must Flow
Form the nation of Malaya.

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