政府等级 公国级 公国
主流文化 Primary culture.png 莫斯科(东斯拉夫)
首都 Capital.png 雅罗斯拉夫尔(308)
政体 Gov russian principality.png 俄罗斯公国
国教 Orthodoxy 东正教
科技组 东欧科技组 东欧科技组
Traditions.png 传统
+10% 人力恢复速度
+15% 增援速度
Idea bonus.png 野心
+50% 陆战获得的威望
Idea bonus.png 理念

Cost to fabricate claims.png 铁锤与铁砧之间

−25% 伪造宣称的花费

Diplomatic reputation.png 第三种选择

+1 外交声望

Infantry cost.png 贵族改革

−10% 步兵花费
−10% 骑兵花费

Mercenary maintenance.png 西伯利亚雇佣兵

−15% 雇佣兵维护

Army tradition.png 将军崇拜

+0.5 年度陆军传统

Fort defense.png 双塔

+15% 要塞防御

Improve relations.png 俄罗斯人的野心

+50% 关系改善

雅罗斯拉夫尔(Yaroslavl)是一个俄罗斯区域的一省小国。它被  莫斯科 罗斯托夫 别洛奥泽罗包围。在1444年开局,它是莫斯科的附庸国






Execute decision.png成立俄罗斯

  • 使用一般或历史国家
  • 从未是结局标签国家
  • 不是:
    • 国家 flag formed_russia_flag 已设置
  • 至少满足之一:
    • 由玩家控制
    • 在使用自定义国家
  • 不是:
  • 不是:
  • 至少满足之一:
  • 不是:
  • 不是:
  • 至少满足之一:
    • 主流文化是莫斯科
    • 主流文化是诺夫哥罗德
    • 主流文化是梁赞
  • 至少满足之一:
    • 由玩家控制
    • 全部:
      • 由AI控制
      • 拥有至少3个非殖民地省份
  • 是殖民领
  • 至少满足之一:
    • 是前殖民领国家
    • 全部:
      • 是前殖民领国家
      • 由玩家控制
  • 不是:
  • Administrative tech.png 行政科技至少为 10 级
  • 拥有政府改革:x24px {{{2}}}
  • 独立国家朝贡国
  • 是草原游牧
  • 处于战争中
  • 拥有核心省份莫斯科
  • 拥有核心省份诺夫哥罗德
  • 至少满足之一:
    • 拥有核心省份特维尔
    • 拥有核心省份雅罗斯拉夫尔
  • 至少满足之一:
    • 拥有核心省份梁赞
    • 拥有核心省份斯摩棱斯克
  • 至少满足之一:
    • 拥有核心省份下诺夫哥罗德
    • 拥有核心省份弗拉基米尔

  • 隐藏效果:
    • 如果:
      • 仅限于:
      • 完成任务:tr_invade_novgorod_mission
      • 完成任务:tr_subjugate_novgorod
  • 国家成为  俄罗斯
  • 刷新非通用任务,获得新任务
  • 若不是选帝侯或帝国皇帝,全部省份退出神圣罗马帝国
  • 如果:
    • 仅限于:
      • 政府类型是君主制
      • 在革命
    • 改变政体为君主制
    • 设置政府等级为 帝国级 帝国
  • 如果不在革命:
    • 添加政府改革:x24px {{{2}}}
  • 俄罗斯区域内我国拥有的省份:
  • 东欧大草原区域内我国拥有的省份:
  • 乌拉尔区域内我国拥有且不是空地的省份:
  • 获得国家修正 “加强中央集权” 7300 天,并具有以下效果:
    • Autonomy.png −0.05 月度自治度变化
    • 国家叛乱度 +1 全国叛乱
  • 如果:
  • 设置国家 flag formed_russia_flag
  • 获得 Prestige.png 25 威望


  • 基础权重:1


The first target for Yaroslavl needs to be to gain independence from Muscovy. To do this, the player needs to get the support of Poland and ideally Novgorod. As such, they should improve relations with both as soon as possible. It may be necessary to restart a few times, as the ideal conditions are that Poland rivals Muscovy (they may only do that after both gaining their union with Lithuania and beating the Teutonic Order), and that Muscovy does not gain Denmark as an ally. In order to further improve the likelihood of independence support, the player should increase development in their only province once the Renaissance happens, using mostly admin and diplo points. This would allow them to increase their initial paltry force limit of 4 to at least 6 or 7. This will also help in keeping Muscovy from annexing the player.

The best time to start the independence war, then, is when Muscovy is otherwise occupied, having started a war against one of the neighboring Sunni nations. It is recommended to let the allies do the fighting, only support when needed, and take the maximum deal possible, stripping Muscovy of rich provinces such as Moscow and Tver, including as much of Yaroslavl's capital area as possible (while taking care not to antagonize Novgorod too early by taking one of their cores, or several of their claims).

Unless the player finds an opportunity to declare war against a smaller nation (such as Odoyev or Ryazan), the second war will likely also be against Muscovy. This should be after a few decades, once enough favors have been accumulated to call all allies into the war. In that war, the player should go for maximum war score against their enemy, weakening them as much as possible. Depending on the provinces taken, the player may find themselves at odds now with Novgorod. Since Novgorod usually has few friends, they should provide a good target soon after. Aggressive expansion should not be an issue, due to the fact that Muscovy's neighbors are either Catholic, Sunni or too weak to matter.

The next steps should be to secure as much Muscovite and Novgorodian orthodox territory as possible, as quickly as possible. Once that region is consolidated, expansion can continue into Scandinavia, Lithuania and Poland or to the south and east into Sunni territory.


It is advantageous to take administrative ideas as the first or second idea group, as the player will have quite a few relatively rich provinces to core, and can save on admin points early on this way. The other of the first two idea groups will likely be a military one. It is up to the player to decide on which one that complements the Yaroslavian military traditions best. The first diplomatic idea group could be exploration ideas, allowing the player to colonize the East and later the Americas, or possibly influence ideas to lower the aggressive expansion impact and allow for quicker vassal annexation - the player may choose to release and feed vassals in order to save on admin points, aggressive expansion and unrest when conquering the Central Asian Sunni nations.

Due to the likelihood of conquering Sunni territory, the player would likely need to take either humanist ideas or religious ideas to either pacify or quickly convert heretic territories.


All belongs to Mother Russia.jpg
All belongs to Mother Russia
Relentless Push East.png
Relentless Push East



安第斯科技组 Andean.png  库斯科  印加  基多  穆伊斯卡
南美洲科技组 South American.png  加勒比  马普切  图皮尼金
西欧科技组 Western.png  巴西  哥伦比亚  拉普拉塔